VOXELS | 21 de Nov.2013

Enchufada/Optimus Discos/Nightrunners

Quinta, 21 de Novembro
MusicBox, Lisboa

VOXELS (Enchufada/Optimus Discos/Nightrunners)
BITSOUND (Match Attack)
MIDNIGHT (Match Attack)


Can you feel it? Deep, deep inside, deep, deep, down inside? Move your body. Jack your body. Baby wants to ride. Your Love. Let there be House! No way back. 

Conhece os clássicos, entende o presente e desvenda o futuro do House numa noite dedicada ao género musical que se tornou nação internacional.


Artist: Voxels
Title: Bachelor House
Label: Optimus Discos
Cat: ####

01. Intro (Houseman's Creed)
02. My House ft. Sam Sanchez
03. Roulette
04. Bachelor House
05. Stealing Kisses
06. Paradise ft. Ghetthoven
07. All Right Now
08. Make U Mine
09. Shubundura
10. Get Out
11. Know You
12. Yeah Babe
13. All Night

Download It Here (Direct Link/Optimus Discos)