Pillows is the debut instrumental album, from Gummy Soul’s newest artist, Rahlou.

While awaiting his first born child, the Brooklyn based DJ and producer, created Pillows after a chance encounter with Gummy Soul founder Wally Clark

“I met Rahlou on the street in Atlanta,” says Clark. “He came up to me because of this Carla Thomas record he saw me holding. We hit it off immeadiatly, and a couple days later he called me, because he got a line on a collection his record dealer friend was giving away. When we showed up, this guy had 25 crates on his porch, that he just wanted gone. So we filled a Volvo station wagon up to the brim, and drove with stacks in our laps. And as we started going through the records, I began teaching him about how I made beats to help him transition from the MPC to the digital world." 

Pillows is a collection of beats that came from those first sessions, and is a warm introduction, that's sure to keep you cozy, as the days grow colder.


Artist: Rahlou
Title: Pillows
Label: Gummy Soul Records
Cat: ####

01. Stout 00:28
02. Sleep Tight 01:06
03. Loveless 02:49
04. Take It There 02:24
05. Pain 00:58
06. The Goodness 02:54
07. 2 a.m. 00:51
08. We Got It 03:14
09. Broken Pieces 01:23
10. Live In 00:53

Download It Here (Name Your Price/Bandcamp)