This charity compilation is raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières.

It is available on a 'pay what you choose' basis - you can download for free or any amount you decide. 

You can either pay an amount of your choice here, and we will donate here (and claim gift aid) on your behalf, or you can go to and donate directly (and leave a message if you wish) 

If you cannot afford to donate, please download the compilation and spread the word - share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or wherever. - exposure and awareness is also very important! 

We have a target of £2000, please help us make this happen! 


Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as ‘Doctors Without Borders’ is an impartial, independent, and neutral organization that provide medical and humanitarian aid wherever needed, across the globe. 

With the current civil war in Syria, much of the media focus has been on the political aspects, forgetting the thousands of victims and refugees. Médecins Sans Frontières, and their volunteers, are still on the ground in the region providing aid. 

The artists have contributed their music for free. All profits go to MSF


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Music Sans Frontiers
Label: Balkan Vinyl
Cat: BV15
01. Shadow Dancer - Run From Deep 06:22
02. Posthuman - Damascus 07:29
03. Affie Yusuf - Terminal 5 07:34
04. Hrdvsion - Girl 06:41
05. Echaskech - Tact Switch 05:46
06. The Manacles Of Acid - Looms 07:12
07. Trackman - Smoothin 06:06
08. Global Goon - Fluwephsss 04:02
09. B12 - Proximity 04:02
10. Plaid - Hui 04:47
11. Mutex - Into The Unknown 04:54
12. Jokers Of The Scene - Have You Said Your Prayers Today? 06:59
13. Jakeone - Serpents 07:26
14. Bebop & Rocksteady - Fixed Up 03:58
15. Nightwave - Air Spray 03:09
16. Milanese - Bear Whizz 03:32
17. Radioactive Man - Acidfish 05:53
18. Brend - Owl Creek 14:00

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