"After spending time just searching for music outside the US, I luckily landed on some of the most influential, unique and most developed sound that has been out for quite some time. The sound I speak about is Brazil's own, baile funk or what they call it, "funk carioca". This mixtape is more of a sound study of baile funk. I felt this sound is still somewhat untouched in some music scenes. I wanted to give my interpretation of the music, and was also curious of how baile funk's distinct loops and provoking sounds would sound layer under my ideas. This EP is loud and real. The name Da Rocinha simply means, in Brazilian Portuguese, "Of Rocinha". Rocinha is one of the most popular favelas in Brazil, which is located in Rio De Janeiro. Rocinha pretty much birth the baile funk sound and what I want to show is how Rocinha influenced me." Sango

Q: How would you describe the evolution of your sound from your first release until now?

This is a great question! 2009 Sango’s sound was like a Timbaland Jr. I wanted to be Timbo. 2013 Sango’s sound is more developed and I sound like myself.


Artist: Sango
Title: Da Rocinha
Label: Soulection
Cat: ####

01. Sempre 01:52
02. Não Solta Não 03:24
03. Tremendo o Bumbum 02:46
04. Passinho Kuduro 02:34
05. Todo o Mundo 02:38
06. The Differences (Diferenças) (Reprise) 03:45
07. Dançando o Senta 03:11
08. Fica Caladinha 02:30 

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Artist: Sango
Title: Da Rocinha 2
Label: Sango // Self Released
Cat: ####
01. Pra Nós 02:13
02. Três Horas 03:17
03. Maluco 04:03
04. Baile Somebody 03:03
05. Me dê Amor (Feat. Gaiola das Popozudas) 03:17
06. Amor Rocinha 03:00
07. Oi (Interlúdio) 01:37
08. Nas Colinas 02:34
09. Por Tudo 03:14
10. Especial (Feat. MC Taty) 03:28
11. Pôr do Sol 02:45
12. Nossa Noite 02:58
13. Fevereiro 03:00

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