Being strategically positioned in the middle of a cultural triangle that unites Africa, South America and the UK, it's no wonder that our hometown of Lisbon keeps producing so many interesting artists.

Enter Klipar, an established name in the Portuguese electronic music scene, either by his high-octane collaboration with DJ Manaia as Zombies For Money, or as a solo artist whose mission to explore heavy basslines and groovy beats has led him to the DJ booth of some of the best clubs in the country. Being enamoured with all the classic house and techno beats we grew up with, as well as the more recent and bass-heavy creations from the UK underground, it's no wonder that his own productions channel both of these influences and fuses them into one highly danceable experience.

We Don't Give is the latest track by this Lisbon artist, where he layers festive tropical drums over the heavy thump of house and techno, wrapping everything up with a fat bassline of epic proportions. Throw in some looped vocal samples in the mix and you've got a huge bass house track that's fit to rock headphones and Funktion Ones alike.


Klipar - We Don't Give (Direct Link/Soundcloud)