SLEEPER THIEF | 24 de Abr.2008


Quinta, 24 de Abril
Bazaar, Porto

Sleeper Thief is a new production outfit based in London, UK. It is a collaboration between Miss Jools and Audiofly,( three well known faces on the London circuit), who have come together to create a new sound, based on their differing musical backgrounds and influences.

Miss Jools is not only a well known DJ figure on the underground scene, but is also the co-founder of Clandestino, Londons most infamous Sunday night affair, often responsible for bringing some of Europes most infamous DJs to London for the first time to play alongside her.

Audiofly have been steadily carving themselves out a niche as producers and DJs over the last couple of years. Recently they have been pushing a more underground sound in various disguises( & collaborations) , with some original productions for the likes of Get Physical and Boxersport, and remixes for artists such as Claude Von Stroke and Gus Gus to name a couple.

Their first release, the Freeride E.P (64 records) gained instant notoriety on the underground, with plays from many major players, spanning a broad spectrum of the scene. They followed the success with their first release with 2 remixes, one for the same label , for CCCP called Cosmodrome Baikanur, and another for Phonique, called What I fake, which will be released on Tiefschwarz new label Souvenir(to be released in September 2006). Sleeper Thiefs, second release has been licensed by one of Germanys most imminent and well known labels, Mobilee, who feel that the S.T sound fits in perfectly with what the label is about at this time. Due to be released in August, The Chasing You E.P is deep and musical, with powerful rhythmic structures. Solid beats and basslines, against a backdrop of spacious melodies is the Sleeper Thief sound, and this formula will see them go from strength to strength in the months to come.

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