LE CHIC | 24 de Abr.2008

International Deejay Gigolo

Quinta, 24 de Abril
Eskada, Vizela

Club Vip
Sérgio Gomes | BREAKS lda.

It cannot be said that Susana and Rebeca have a background that is consistent with being musicians - one a customising fashion designer and the other a geneticist - not exactly a typical start to a career in music. But they have always shared a great passion for it since before meeting as students in Madrid where they had weekend jobs in the city’s club scene. Immediately recognising their strong similarities they became best of friends. Their degrees were almost complete and after years of enjoying so many DJ’s sets it was time to try a more direct approach to the music they love. With more time on their hands they decided that they should be the DJ. Why not? As soon as they collected enough records they started playing very informally at small events around the city: fashion clothing stores; private parties; expositions; etc...

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