PLOT001 out now!

"Saucy Kant" plot001
By Kevin Gorman + Jeff Samuel remix

Plot rec. is an independent label based in Portugal devoted to electronic dance music. Spreading out to every corner where there is a techno scene, Plot´s mission is to unveil new values and release them together with the established ones! Great things to come!

"Saucy Kant"
a. Kevin Gorman Original
b. Jeff Samuel Remix

Fra Soler AKA dj fra - Nitsa
"Awesome Jeff Samuel Remix!"

Laurent Garnier
"Nice one! Full support"

Kawai Norihiko AKA Dj Nori - Posivision
"Strange track!! Audience wander off into deep elektro world. Keep up good release."

Christian Schachta - Syntax Error - Feinwerk
"I like both tracks a lot, really cool progressive material! That´s Minimal Techno I like!"

"Saucy Kant" is Plot's first release. In this debut EP, Plot Records releases one emerging British talent, Kevin Gorman, levered by the Remix of an undeniable value: Jeff Samuel. "Saucy Kant" is a bouncy minimal-techno track aimed at the dancefloor. It's anxious and smart!?On the flipside Jeff Samuel remixes "Saucy Kant" to a hypnotic level. A cyclical track that grows into a moment of pure bliss!

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