BROCKIE + PROFILE | 01 de Set.2007

undiluted recordings | kool 94.6 fm

Sábado, 01 de Setembro
Porto Rio, Porto



Back in the day before he was involved in the jungle scene, Brockie was playing, swing, soul,Hip-Hop & ragga amongst other styles, he then swiftly found Hardcore and that led him on the start of his journey to were he hit the explosion of the Jungle scene.
Brockie has been a know name and a DJ in the scene since 1988, representing in the jungle since day one. In 1991 he teamed up with friends to establish the infamous KOOL FM 94.5 - the best, longest standing drum & bass radio station in the world to date.
In 1997 Brockie set up Undiluted Recordings with Ed Solo, from which we have seen quality releases and outstanding talent.
Brockie's style is very diverse. He very much works with the crowd and plays different sets to different crowds all round the world. “When playing at a big rave you've got to have a balance of everything across the board, because everyone likes something different.“
He has played all over the world and because of this, coupled with his long running relationship with Kool, Det and Undiluted; has become one of the biggest names in the scene.
Brockie and his Undiluted crew promise to continue to produce music that makes you move.


Dj profile has played many nights across the UK such as Fabric, The End, Movement, Jungle Fever, Slammin Vinyl, Innovation and throughout Europe such as Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy. Profile has a residency in New York at Direct Drive, has toured across America and Canada. Profile has hosted shows on radio stations such as London's Kiss 100 Fm and Bbc's Radio 1 Xtra (digital) also shows on the internet including Pyrotechnic Radio. Currently Profile is working with Dj Brockie, Ed Solo and Dj Kane with Undiluted Records organizing tour nights for the label also he has his future flave show on Kool Fm 94.6 in london or worldwide every Sunday 7-9pm (GMT) and is dj'ng worldwide.


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