Top Billin/ Enchufada

Remember the awesome "Nasty" EP the Portuguese duo Voxels dropped on Enchufada last March? Sure you do! Well, the house-loving production team has been very busy lately and will soon have some pretty exciting news for you, but for the time being they’ve sent us a brand new remix of their Enchufada debut’s title track, Nasty, courtesy of another energetic duo, Veit B. This up and coming production team consists of two brothers from the Czech Republic, who have been making club-minded electronic dance music together since 2010 and already have a release planned for Finnish label Top Billin in October. Check out several Veit B tracks at their soundcloud page and vibe with the new electro-leaning Nasty remix. (as you can read @ Enchufada)


Voxels - Nasty (Veit B Remix) (Direct Link/Soundcloud)


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