DJ Manaia is Ricardo Manaia and he is not a kid... born in 1979, the year that "Apocalypse Now" made first appearance on cinemas, the year that Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime minister in the UK, the year that as technology becomes smaller Sony released the Walkman a worldwide success costing $200 which at that time was a significant amount of money...

Started as a DJ in 1996. While working on a record store, his manager put him playing in some of the finnest clubs in famous Lisbon's neighbourhood Bairro Alto. Years later he opened his own venue, Clube Mercado, where he hosted some of the best artists on the electronic music scene, such as DJ Premier, Jazzanova, Diplo, Bonde Do Role, Buraka Som Sistema, A-Trak, among many others.
As a producer he become well known in 2008 whit is hit "Sobrevivente De Uma Rave" featuring Deize Tigrona. Never got to be released because he stupidly licked that to some blog, and in a matter of days that was all over the world... for free!! Back then he made a big bunch of remixes released in labels such as Lektroluv, Wearhouse Music, Man Recordings, Crux Records, Disko B, and others! Surprisingly, he only had one original EP out on the market, the "Pull Up EP", out on On The Brink Recordings back in 2010.

Back then he travelled all around Europe to promote his way of djing, totally unique... He played in UK, in France, in Belgium, in Italy, in Austria, in Spain, and even went to play in Mexico, which I don't really think is in Europe, but not sure at the moment (goggle isn't working right now).
After that he started another project, Zombies For Money. After the first EP appeared on Mad Decent blog for free, the Trouble & Bass crew contacted him and the next ZFM releases were always on Trouble &Bass. They even did some tours in USA, look at that, hein!!

Last year, another project he started was The Bang! Bang! Show, where he plays all the mashups you can think... from Pop Music to Hard Rock shit, all made by himself on his crappy little studio. Some of those mashups are about to be released on Tremendo Big Records with his buddy Telephunken.
At the moment, he's the manager of Monster Energy DJ Crew in Portugal (not sure for how long), he's still part of Zombies For Money (also not sure for how long), doing some crazy ass mashups for The B!B!S (which is getting him crazy as well) and, of course, producing for his solo project... DJ Manaia, what else!

Like I said, he is not a kid, so please show some fucking respect!


Artist: DJ Manaia
Title: The Chronicles Of Another Man EP
Label: My Techno Weighs A Ton
Cat: MTWAT022

01. The Wizard, The Bear & The Cricket 05:28
02. Revenge Of The Cricket 04:00
03. Who's That Girl 05:44
04. Rising Sun 06:48

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