Zombies For Money are back with another, well, Zombies for Money-esque EP. There’s simply no better way to put it. These guys have mixed so many genre’s in their past catalog that they have simply created their own style and sound. But this time around, their distinctive sound does have a slight twist to it. For this EP they drew their influences strictly from Indonesia, a perfect fit for their exuberantly tropical sound. Just in time to roll into the spring months, this 4 track EP is big enough to move a 30,000+ person audience, but can still be heard in underground clubs and even coming out of boom boxes at the sunniest beach on the coast of Portugal.

Starting the EP is two versions of ‘Indonesia’, imagine yourself walking in the jungle during the day time, only to stumble upon a group of indigenous people partaking in one of their ritual ceremonies and now, picture yourself in the club; that’s the exact vibe ‘Sun Version’, exudes. The tropical drum line paired with the chanting woman’s vocal sample, and the infectious synth line are key in this track. The same can also be said for the second, ‘Moon Version’, perfect for end of the day, rise of the moon and the track’s dark, grinding synth line giving you the soundtrack of everything under the sky. The next song ‘Jakarta’ is truthfully the perfect song for summoning demons, the arpeggiating bass line literally pulls up the demons from the ground as the pitch rises. ‘Puncak Jaya’ is Indonesia’s highest peak, but is also the last song and the best song to round out this EP. A good contrast from the darker sounds on the previous song, ‘Puncak Jaya’ is an upbeat, extremely club friendly track honing in on a tribal flute and matched with several different bass line stabs, rattling rim shots and snare rolls. This EP is throws all aspects of techno, tropical bass and cumbia into a blender in middle of the Indonesian jungle and this is what Zombies For Money cooked up for us.


Artist: Zombies For Money
Title: Indonesia EP
Label: Trouble & Bass
Cat: TBD070

01. Indonesia (Sun Version) (Soundcloud)
02. Indonesia (Moon Version) (Soundcloud)
03. Jakarta (Soundcloud)
04. Puncak Jaya (Free Download - Soundcloud)

Buy It Here (Beatport) or Here (Junodownload)


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