Voxels are a careful explored sonic mess, an ordered everyday experimentation in opposition to the chaos of influences electronic dance music fell into this past years.

The duo is composed of Pedro Chamorra and Pedro Pinto, two individuals with a vast CV within the music business. Their endeavors (that go from producing well known artists to curating world class festivals) but better to focus on what is about to come as it is truly wonderful and what really matters here.

And 2012 will be BIG with a forthcoming remix EP on Top Billin plus new tracks on Enchufada. Are you ready for Bachelor House?


In3D Mixtape


01. Scuba - Never
02. Homework - I'm Into This (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Rmx)
03. Martyn - Masks
04. NT89 - Lyfe
05. The Touch - Bodies Waiting
06. Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Bassface (Breach Rmx)
07. High Powered Boys - Work
08. Surkin - Orbital Motorway
09. TWR72 - Paradox
10. XXXY - Swing Those Hips
11. Round Table Knights ft. Ogris Debris - Say What (Chris James Rmx)
12. Voxels - The Moon
13. Franz & Shape - Acid One (Snuff Crew Vocal Rmx)
14. Sound Factory - Understand This Groove (Trikk Understands The Groove Rmx)
15. Crookers & Savage Skulls - Bust 'em up (Pantero666 Rmx)
16. Voxels - ???

End Of Mix

Download It Here (Mediafire)