"A couple of days ago Voxels invited me to their studio, or their Magical Audio Unicorn bunker as they like to think of it, to sort out some ideas about the duo's project. I must confess that even knowing of both their backgrounds I had this misconception o them being "just" a great electro/synth pop act with a keen sense on taking back some 80's house influences. Thing is, after sitting with them and listened to what they've been up lately I was nothing less than amazed.

Voxels are a careful explored sonic mess, an ordered everyday experimentation in opposition to the chaos of influences electronic dance music fell into this past years. The duo is composed by Pedro Chamorra and Pedro Pinto two individuals with a vast CV within the music business. I could go on and tell you all about their endeavors (that go from producing well known artists to curating world class festivals) but I'd rather focus on what is about to come as it is truly wonderful and what really matters here.

In nowadays fight between analogical and digital supporters they're the ones who win as they assemble the best of both worlds to bring you a blend of samplers, analog synthesizers and sequencers, digital effects, hi-end studio equalizers and compressors, digital percussion, traditional instruments, avant-garde plugins and deliberately modified software and hardware that will actually make your panties drop. Their studio sessions consist of two friends having fun in a long jam session which they'll chop and sample to make a perfect song to the tiniest detail.

There's nothing revolutionary or brand new that you've never heard before on their music but these days it's my belief there should be more projects concerned in making something that is actually good than different just for the sake of it. Voxels haven't got a defined genre or style. They take what they want and wrap their heads around it to make something great out of it. They go from the sweetness of electronic pop sprinkled with the lovely voices of long time collaborators, like Keta and Kate, to the raw hardness of acid techno or powerful bass. It's this unique quality that makes the duo so special and capable of delivering an EP like the one forthcoming on the well known label Top Billin (October 21st, 2011) which brings to the table a big room house anthem that I wouldn't be surprised to see guys like Swedish House Mafia playing. It's no wonder they caught the attention of Buraka Som Sistema's label Enchufada who signed the duo and got them to remix their latest hit single "Hangover (BaBaBa)" alongside Caspa and Munchi.

While performing this two well behaved guys evolve into a raging party machine: half robotic, half animalistic. They'll make you go mental as you dance through the night. Their background as dj's and band members within different genres makes them experts in what makes you shake (and, oh boy! Will you shake... ). Voxels are also currently working on a live show that will complete the audio performance with a synchronized visual act that will take their shows to the next level.

Despite the seriousness of these lines you've been reading so far, more than anything Voxels are fun. Fun to listen to. Fun to dance to. Fun to make love to. They are with all honesty one of the best well thought acts to ever come from this shores and you'd be a fool by not taking them in consideration."

André "Monsta" Carvalho, Portugal 25th September, 2011


Artist: Voxels
Title: Synthmetric EP
Label: Top Billin/NightRunners
Cat: TBNR 010

01. The Feeling (Soundcloud)
02. The Dancefloor (Soundcloud)
03. The Moon (Soundcloud)
04. With You (Soundcloud)

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