Nod Navigators welcomes back Spain’s Mweslee, the Spanish production wizard is responsible for the label’s second release. As one of his country’s foremost representative of the new beat generation he mashes together wide ranging influences and production techniques into a heady blend from his home-base of Vigo. One of the founding members of Spain’s Arkestra Collective, he was a participant at the RBMA in ‘05 and a performer at the Sonar festival in both ’06 and ’09. His output has been rather slow since his debut, with key releases on Beat Dimensions and All City records, setting him up perfectly for a return to the fore with ‘Eurocarne’, an EP born of his desire to reflect a wider range of musical preferences that have helped shape both his sound but also his production approach, from disco to pop, R’n’B to experimental. (as you can read @


Artist: Mweslee
Title: Eurocarne EP
Label: Nod Navigators/Kindred Spirits Holland
Cat: KSNN 9

01. Eurocarne
02. Nova Olimpia
03. Variations Pour CX Pallas
04. Far Loop Era
05. Pacifico (Mediafire)
06. Manana Calor

Buy It Here (Junodownload) or Here (Beatport)


As bonus we also have Mweslee amazing remix from Slugabed's "Donky Stomp". Join the future now.

Slugabed - Donky Stomp (Mweslee Remix) (Mediafire)


Both tracks were provide by XLR8R.


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