Grand Ruckus is the brain Child of Terry (Atomic) Hooligan & Lex of Ben and Lex. With a combined love of Golden Era Hip Hop, Upfront electro, Dub Step & Street sounds, and of course both with a verified heritage in Breakbeat, the pair decided to join forces and reek RUCKUS on the world of Music. With the help of Robert "Bobzilla" Page, Grand Ruckus are pleased to bring you these dope T's for your wearing pleasure! Bring da Muthaf**kin RUCKUS!


Terry Hooligan
Grand Ruckus Exclusive Classic Hip-Hop Minimix


01. Intro - Lets Think Back
02. Brand Nubian - Slow Down
03. Ph*rcyd* - R*nn*n'
04. Crooklyn Dodgers - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
05. Bill Conti - Theme
06. Jaylib - The Jam
07. Mis Def - Ms Fat Booty
08. N*s - H*lft*m*
09. A Tr*b* C*ll*d Q**st - F*nd A W*y
10. T*l*b Kw*l* - G*t By
11. P*t* R*ck - Tr** M*t*r
12. Q-T*p - Eg*
13. Slum Village - Don't Know
14. Keith Mansfied Orchestrs - Soul Thing
15. The Four Tops - Eleanor Rigby
16. Black Moon - Who Got The Props
17. D*n*ld B*rd - W*nd P*r*d*
18. Epmd - Gold Digger

End Of Mix

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