Made To Play/Exploited

After years of hunting for only the freshest and most innovative sounds, these two boys from Amsterdam really found their path when, in 2009, they hooked up with their friends The Heykids ("the kings of the Amsterdam underground scene") to organise what is now considered as one of the most original and revered club nights in Amsterdam: TAFKAF; the first party to present Amsterdam to the 'Midget' sound.

Much of their evolution as artists can be seen in their ever-changing production work. After long and hard work on a varied oeuvre of different material, the boys got catapulted into the International house scene through the release of their widely supported 'Fissa Tune EP' on Shir Khan’s label Exploited, and the accompanying hype surrounding the title track 'Fissa Tune', which, through consistent appraisal from the likes of Brodinski and Jesse Rose, found its way to many a chart and DJ set.

Homework pricked up the ears of ‘Made To Play’ boss Jesse Rose with their Trumpet Express demo whilst he was visiting Amsterdam earlier in the year; a hypnotic trumpet line combined with the duoʼs sampling style and underpinned by beautifully simple, yet pounding house beats.

Now with increasing popularity, and snowballing quality to their productions; Homework are set to achieve great things.


Cutting Against The Grain Mixtape


00. Introduction By Cornel West
01. Tornado Wallace - Whispering Twirl
02. Mass Prod - 72 Minutes Of Scrubs A Day
03. Nebraska - Arrondissement
04. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - In The City
05. Huxley - Shapes
06. Mr. G - Sunday Blues
07. Mark Chambers & Cris Slater - Daze
08. Matthias Meyer - The Rear Window
09. Steve Bug - My Sweet Vital Angel
10. Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker - Kinderteller
11. Zappe - Larrys Exotic Blend (Remastered Version)
12. Round Table Knights - Cat Power (Extended Version)
13. AFMB - Backup Days
14. Makam - You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 623 Remix)
16. Leonel Castillo - Stone Peach (Delano Smith Remix)
17. Fritz Zander - For Your Love
18. Homework - Kadenza

End Of Mix

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