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Raised on a healthy diet of classical and electronic music by his family Midland first found solace in the arms of the faster world of drum and bass. After a summer spent wandering across Spain on foot he came back and began experimenting at much slower tempos. This experimentation soon became his occupation as he settled into the groove anywhere between 110-135bpm. The wide range of his influences can be heard in his first release with Ramadanman, Your Words Matter b/w More Than You Know on Aus Music. The release showed the variation of the two's influences and the recently released Play The Game EP on Phonica has only further exhibited his desire to incorporate different styles into his music, a freedom that has been accepted with open arms by the current resurgence of cross pollination taking place within dance music. His recent guest mix on Radio 1 and support from DJ's across the board such as Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbes, Ellen Allien and Tiefschwarz further highlights this. With remixes and original material forthcoming on This Is Music, Werk Discs, Ninja Tune and Aus, you're sure to be hearing much more of him.


Caribou - Sun (Midland Re-Edit) (Mediafire)


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