Dr. Razat's Production Laboratory!

Baltazar Gallego aka Dr. Razat, born in November 1986 has been making music since he can remember, he studied in a conservatory in Lisbon since he was 7, learning music theory, guitar, and emsemble play. At the age of 14 Baltazar was the lead-singer/song writer and rhythm-guitar of a Nu-Metal band called Speculum playing several gigs in Lisbon. He started playing with fruity loops because he needed do rehearse some guitar riffs for the band, composing a cheesy version of the drums it was easier to practice, and that was his first contact with a music production software. Two years later he entered the world of psychedelic parties, and started producing psy-trance. He played with the duet WizardSpeakers for 2 years, playing Live acts all over Portugal. Later the group was broken up but he continued playing has WizardSpeaker expanding his production and live act, in Portugal and Spain. He studied Music Production in etic_ in 2005 learning his way around the studio and connecting with other producers with other styles and ideas. Since 2006 he's studying Sound and Image in ESAD, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. He's music has evolved and spiraled out, he formed a band called "A tua prima toca ferrinhos", recording it and mixing their first EP "Parecem balas a Zenir". He connected with other people and mixed the Punk band"Protese Involutária" first original Album. Being very versatile in his work, Baltazar has been experimenting all kinds of music from funk to metal, from hip-hop to drum'n'bass, techno, minimal, psy-trance, dupstep, breakbeat, reggae you name it. Most recently he composed an original soundtrack for the play/movie CAL, played by the "Orquestra de Harmónicas de Ponte Sor" and singed by Janita Salomé. Now he plays a Techno Live Act he likes to call Dr. Razat entering the minimal paths. And also he plays a Dj Set/Live Act depending on the mood, audience and client request of a crazy mix of Electro/NuRave/Drum'n'Bass/DubStep/Psy-Trance.


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