Some people claims the Disco scene started already in the early 70's. Like in '71-'73. But I guess that really depends on what you think is DISCO?! The Discotheque scene really started back then, with clubs starting playing music on records to the audience. In these clubs, the Disc-Jockey [the DJ] was formed as this guy putting the records on the turntables and often talking to the crowd in a radio show kind of way. Other people say the Disco days started in the mid 70's and that's also my opinion. I think that you in tunes from around '74-'76 can start hearing more of, what I call, "the Disco sound" - than you could just a couple of years before. But forget the past this is a journey to the present Disco...


Sergio Gomes
Disco To Disco Mixtape

Dedicated to Fi & Maria


01. Rockets - Running to You
02. Don Downing - Dreamworld (Nom De Strip 'Tribute To AB DC' Dub)
03. Disco Stu - Dance On Venus
04. Malente - I Like It (Riva Starr's Snatch! Mx)
05. Lee Mortimer & Foamo - Superman
06. D*ck S**c* - Anyway (Black Noise Bassline vs. Disco Rmx & BREAKS lda. Cut)
07. F*k* Bl**d - I Think I Like It
08. Voodoo Chilli - Check Out Our Groove (Ghetto Bass Rmx)
09. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Arm*nd V*n H*ld*n Rmx)
10. D*ck S**c* - Barbara Streisand (O-God Rmx)
11. Le Principle - You Can't Fake It
12. Rubix - Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix)
13. Cosmin TRG - Discotek
14. David Keno - Upside Down
15. Punk Rolla - Upside Down
16. LYS & Lake - La Tromba (Stupid Fresh's We Announce The Rmx)
17. Calvertron - Hold It
18. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Only You

End Of Mix

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