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Warrior One are 2 people. One of them is called 4. Both are 29. One lives East London. One lives West. One is from Dublin. One of them isn't. One is the producer. One is the reducer.

Carl is not your average Brummie in exile. A half-Seychellois yoga teacher and certified wizard that lives off overpriced white tea and himalayan salt, he can be found mincing round Notting Hill, listening to Arvo Part and harping on about 7 year cycles to anyone that'll listen.

Eno however, most certainly is your average Irish man, cos he's always getting pissed. Which is not surprising as he seems to know everybody in London and they all want to buy him a drink. A lovable chancer, you can always find him tearing it up in the kitchen, avoiding his degree work, and jabbering about some new genre that no-ones ever heard of.

Carl spent his twenties in Brighton and started producing music as one half of Black Grass on Catskills Records (Edit - Seminal first LP only thank you very much!) He also recorded with deep minimal wunderkid Shenoda, as, er Shenoda and Faure. And as a DJ, he travelled from Australia to Lithuania and beyond, peddling his own brand of Big Beat, doing a few remixes, and getting caned quite a bit, until it was time to leave town.

Mr. Bradshaw cut his DJ teeth in every decent Dublin nightspot and fast became the number one Dublin resident DJ, and as such has definitely paid his dues on the wheels of truth. But he too got caned quite a bit until it was time to leave town.



Warrior One - Bad Like Jimmy Cliff (Mediafire)
Bonobo - Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix) (Mediafire)


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