Sad news from Berlin...

"After only five parties at Berlin´s WMF club we have to say goodbye to HEAT, the Man Recordings club night which was started in December 2009. First, it´s because WMF club was surprisingly closed last Wednesday due to troubles with their landlords, so there´s no longer any home for us. Second, we decide to stop HEAT as it wasnt much fun to invite DJs like Beware, Wildlife!, João Brasil, Douster and Isa GT, Sinden, Schlachthofbronx, DJ Manaia, Drop The Lime and Ku Bo to HEAT and play in front of a half full club, eventually losing money almost at every party . The little success with HEAT showed that “Tropical” is more than a niche sound in Berlin club land: It´s practically non existent and doesnt seem to have any local following. When Radioclit played with The Very Best in Berlin in November 2009, 70 people attended. Before Major Lazer even a dude like Diplo pulled only 300 people on a Thursday at Berlin Tape club – all this in a city which is considered Europe´s capital of hip. The sad truth: Berlin continous to be ruled by Techno and House music, and it´s drug infused lifestyle still tirelessly promoted in books and media reports as the ultimate in club culture. The only alternative to the boring all night 4/4 hammering in Berlin clubs is Disco, which is not what you would call 21st century music. Berlin, your clubs were once inhabited by people that were looking for the new and exciting, now your party people have become lazy and utterly nostalgic. Thank god there´s other cities across Europe, that understand that the HEAT is on." Daniel Haaksman

A special thanks to Daniel who invited DJ Manaia to play last January alongside with Sinden, Schlachthofbronx and Drop The Lime. And for sure keep up the good work at Man Recordings label.