MEGABASS | 04, 05 e 06 de Fev.2010




Quinta, 04 de Fevereiro
Armazém do Chá, Porto

Sexta, 05 de Fevereiro
Mini-Mercado, Lisboa (without Chelis... sorry!!!)

Sábado, 06 de Fevereiro
Insólito, Braga


var. of megalo- (megalith); also the initial element in units of measure that are equal to one million of the units denoted by the base word (megahertz). Symbol: M

1. low in pitch; of the lowest pitch or range: a bass voice; a bass instrument.
2. of or pertaining to the lowest part in harmonic music.


Robot Discos/Lo Fi Funk

Pioneer of the electronica scene in Aragon and one of the most restless elements in the national underground scene, always seeking to innovate and provoke. He has spent more than 10 years behind the turntables of some of the best night clubs in Spain (Florida 135 , Loft, Apolo, Fellini,Vademécum, Nasti…) and in almost all the patriotic electronica festivals, ( Sonar2000/2006/2009, Observatori 2000-2002 y 2007, Electro2m 2003-2004-2005 y 2006, Periferias(2005/2007/2008), Monegros Desert Festival 1998/2000/2008/2009 ,Monegros Indoor Festival 2007, BAM 2007, h2Zone , Actual2009, FIRE 2009 Conmutaciones, in la Línea…

His hyperactivity is reflected in his work as a DJ, his distribution company ROBOT, the record label KONTAKTE together with José Antonio Serrano and David Ortolá ( Lontano) , devoted to restless, creative music , and a new record label LO FI FUNK with his friend Hybakusha, devoted to Skwee, beats and low fidelity funk.
He was a founding member of EL MEGAFONO, a group from Zaragoza , artisans of the IHHSSS… parties! which brought the best of the best of international electronic music to his city.
In 2007 he founded URBARRITMO, together with Alba and Funkforward, a night devoted to the new urban and club sounds. Once again, bringing some of the most interesting performers of the times to his city.

In 2009, together with Radio Malone, Enceemismado and Hybakusha he has founded ZKWEEE CREW, the first Spanish group devoted to Skwee, in particular, and to synthetic funk in general.

Musically, he knows no boundaries, showing off the fierce eclecticism that he carries in one of the most versatile cases of the national panorama: techno, house electro,minimal (the real one), hip hop, break, funk, disco, soul, jazz, experimental electronica, breakcore, electro … although he has now developed a special predilection for Dubstep, Skwee, , Bmore, Bassline , Uk funky , beats, electro-acoustic music and bass music in general.

He has shared a cabin or a stage with: Rob Hall, Vex’d, Dr Derek F, Filastine, Maga Bo, Ghislain Poirier, Hovatron,Boom Monk Ben, Debruit, V.C., The Blessings, Mesak, Jaime Vex’d, Skream, Benga , TRG, Dj/Rupture, Milanese, Ove-Naxx, Dj Scotch Egg, Doddodo, Pleasurehorse, Shawn Greenlee, One Man Nation, Horatio Pollard, Ed Devane, Kayaka, Julian Fane, Shitmat, Sickboy, Baseck, Surachai, Rotator, Various Production , Dave Tarrida , Hudson Mohawke, Sum, Loefah, Coki, Sgt. Pokes, Mark Hawkins, Rustie, Jackmaster, Dj Vadim, Tom Deluxxe, Carl Craig, Top Billin’, Pavan , Egyptian Lover, Jaime Jupiter, Metalloid Solo Runner, Hrvatski, Az Rotator, Buddy Peace, Zilla, Aqeel, Dj 2d2, Killerbomb, Disruptor, , Wevie Stonder, Mu Ziq, Luke Vibert, Neil Landstrumm, dj Gero, Goth Trad, Noize Creator, Jazzsteppa, Kev Brown, Odisee, Kaimbr, dj , Uve, dj Tres, Bflecha, Mweslee, Orbital,Gluekids,The Requesters, ……

He has worked together with the percussion group of the Zaragoza Conservatory and with several different VJ’s such as Casey Reas or Hector de la Puente.

Chelis was voted third best national DJ in 2006, best national DJ in 2007 and second best national DJ in 2008 (together with his friend Mwëslee) respectively by the prestigious magazine Rockdelux.

Chelis was voted best Aragonese DJ in 2008 at the X awards of Aragonese music.

He is now immersed in numerous projects:
Transforming Robot, his record shop, into a distribution company and online shop devoted to peripheral sounds that, despite their potential, are not readily available in Spain.

Creating a new record label of 7’s together with his friend Hybakusha, the label that will bear the name LO FI FUNK and that will be devoted to synthetic funk in all its forms but especially Skwee.

Promoting the new Project together with Mwëslee where the sessions will have four turntables, four cd’s, two mixers and a sampler. This project was first performed in the Periferias 2008 festival and it was a great success both with the public and with the critics. This project has also taken us to Sonar 2009 and to Morocco where we performed before an audience of children and young people – a unique experience.

What has been said about Chelis:

Right now, Chelis is possibly the most restless DJ in the country. This guy from Zaragoza is not interested in playing what everybody carries around in their case, and his creative and non-conformist spirit have led him to explore new paths that practically no other DJ in the country has dared to explore. In his hands, it makes sense to mix experimental techno with dubstep, and breakcore with skwee. In one session, Chelis can give body and sense to emerging styles, weird or dark, and his performances always sound great to the ears. Only a very few DJs like Chelis are capable of doing what he does: discover new worlds.

Javier Blanquez on the Monegros Desert Festival web
Champion and leader in our country of that exciting genre known as dubstep, a style that he has been immersed in for three years, this musician from Zaragoza has taken on an extremely difficult role as a DJ for select minorities and curious majorities wherever he goes. Upright and changeable like no other, Chelis is a DJ with no complexes, tenacious in his ideas and impossible to pigeonhole him in one sole style because he plays them all with art and skill. He does not offer the obvious but rather searches in the depths of the buckets, like a disco mouse, in order to present us with something different every time. His concept of a dance floor is that of a space that is open to infinite possibilities, whether it be deconstructing funk or electro, throwing off flashes of breakcore and experimental sounds, cracking hip hop rhythms or inventing futuristic techno from the stages of places like Bass Space, Flow, Apolo and Florida 135 and festivals like Observatori, Sónar, BAM and Periferias; at this last one, last 26th October, he offered a mind-boggling set mixing such different styles as the ‘copla’ of Spanish folklore and dubstep. Working from his headquarters in his Robot Discos shop in Zaragoza, Chelis is also a shaker, involved in organising monthly parties, first with El Megafono and now with Urbarritmo (which Various Production and Kode9 have performed with) and manages the Kontakte record label together with the members of Lontano.
Not simply an imaginative, curious, free mind DJ, Chelis is also a passionate, daring cool hunter for electronica, one step ahead of the trend, discovering new sounds (bmore, skweee...) and artists, and above all, doing what only a handful dare to do, change and innovate the ever more standardised dance music. In his way, Chelis is a revolutionary, determined to prove that there are other ways of understanding electronica.



MEGABASS (Sérgio Gomes vs. Twin Turbo)
February 2010 Mixtape


01. Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love (The XX Rmx & Klipar's Club Edit)
02. Riva Starr ft. Trim - Dance Me (Oliver $ Rmx)
03. Uffie - MCs Can Kiss (Zombie Disco Squad Rmx)
04. Gossip - Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Rmx Original)
05. Unknown - Unknown
06. Baobinga & ID - Tongue Riddim (Roska Rmx)
07. Dj Beware & Motorpitch - Pororoca (Zombies For Money Rmx)
08. Drop The Lime - Set Me Free
09. AudioFun - Dirty Gold (Tonka Rmx)
10. Zombies For Money - Sacanagem (Drop Top Rmx)
11. Dj Manaia - Pull Up (Rave 2009)
12. The Partysquad - Pull Up
13. Zodiac Cartel - Stay On Top
14. The Bulgarian ft. A Girl And A Gun - Rocket Action Hero
15. Crookers - We Are All Prostitutes (Krafty Re-Rub)
16. Aquasky ft. Slipz N Dapz - You Know We Do it Big
17. Atomic Hooligan - Club Sh*t

End Of Mix

Download It Here (Mediafire)


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