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BadboE is a truecore musichead born in Denmark in 1980. Located in the northern part of Denmark, where the weather always suxx, which gives BadboE a good excuse to sit in his music lab throwing pumpin' beats at his 18" bass sound system all day long. BadboE's primary music inspirations come from the oldskool funk productions from the late 60s and the 70s. Like many other breakbeat artists, this musical legacy is where BadboE dig in to bring new life by cutting and mixing the pieces into new danceable songs. The specialty has become sophisticated mixing of old funk samples with 80s rap vocals and hooks. BadboE started out making music in the mid 90s - doing mainly euro hardcore techno, but soon found out that his real passion and fascination was for breaks and bigbeats. After trying out just about everything in the electronic music genre from - house, trance, club, happy hardcore to drum&bass, triphop and Breakbeat the conclusion was that funky breakbeat is what he does best. So now BadboE pretty much combined it all into one with an emphasis on breaks, which has become the BadboE-style.

In 2006 BadboE formed his own digital recordlabel together with his fellow musician Wiccatron called Breakbeat Paradise Recordings (BBP Recordings). The goal with the label was to ensure faster access to the market as well as open doors for some of the great artists that are doing funky breaks. Since then the nu funk scene has come to live and the BBP label is set to be one of the digital leaders in this genre.

BadboE has been keeping busy releasing his unique flavour of b-boy funk and uptempo partyfunk on his own label and on various other labels. After releasing a few vinyl records in 2007 - the debut EP: "Loose Your Funky Self" and a remix by Break The Box called "Walk out Laughing" the successful EP "Dynamite/Nothing But the Funk" was released in Oct 2008 with remixes from All Good Funk Alliance! This was followed by the successful 4-track Good Groove 11 vinyl that managed to stay at the no. 1 spot on the breakbeat chart for several months. A lot or remixes has been coming out on various labels and they have all contributed to settling BadboE's name in the funky breakbeat scene. In 2008 BadboE got active as a live DJ playing at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and at the electronic Boom festival in Portugal as well as other local gigs.

BadboE's music is going in 2 directions - the first is making funky breaks and trippy lounge breaks without using uncleared samples (material to release commercially) and the other is for the scene mixing, breaking and bootlegin' with the oldskool funk tunes. In the upcoming years BadboE will focus on getting his music out there with a full length album coming out in 2009 as well as touring the world with his funky partyrocking DJsets. Stay tuned...


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