STEREOHEROES | 1 Track & 1 Remix

Crux Records

Stereoheroes is an electronic music duo formed in early 2008. It consists of artists Fabrice Delcambre and Sebastien Plé.

The two heroes discovered the wonders of electro parties in the mid 90’s and quickly started to learn mixing and composing. Both of them were fueled by techno, house, ghetto tech, hip-hop and rock, they surfed all over Europe’s dance scene to eventually meet up in 2004 in the south of France. Closely linked by an offbeat humor and a craving for partying, they decided at the end of the night to give birth to their own project in order fight against the growing minimal music trend, bringing back smiles and lifting hands up on the dancefloors.

Their first tracks were acclaimed by blogs from all over the world, and within a few months they were asked to play in Australia, Japan, Canada, China, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Belgium... One year later they were set up for their first US tour, ready to play in front of 20 000 people crowds or even up to 50 000 at festivals like etd.pop, San Francisco or We Love Sounds, Sydney. Real heroes were born, not masked, not wearing fluorescent tights but often wildly costumed. Fully energized, nothing seems to stop them.

Elevated by a mad-cowy graphic identity, their unique sound organizes chaos, melting deadly basslines, jumping rhythms and delirious samples. Without any limit, the Stereoheroes can fly from an under-underground style to classic techno, hip-hop, house or even drum’n’bass, spitting out a non-linear type of music that always awakens the dancers.

Up until now they have produced more than 20 original tracks (named after Marvel Comics characters), reached the top of specialized charts and have been added to the playlists of many famous djs all over planet earth. On top of that you will find that Stereoheroes have made a crazy load of banging remixes for many different artists.

In April 2009, they signed the very first Steroheroes EP on the now reknowned Leonizer Records label owed by French producer Leonard de Leonard. The “BOOM SLANG EP” is a new weapon of mass “dancefloor” destruction where one can find some nasty agitated tracks (Boomslang, Booby Trap), featurings with MC’s Little Prince (Atlanta) and Teen Wolf (Las Vegas) as well as remixes from Mixhell (Brazil) and Rayflash (Japan). They are presently working on the production of another EP with South African MC Spoek Mathambo and secretly cooking up a tasty tone of future projects.

Stereoheroes ft. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes (Mediafire)
Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You (Stereoheroes Remix) (Mediafire)