Passenger/Bomb Strikes

We have a new mixtape from our favourite "aussie" dj. Enjoy!

(Thanks to The Late Show)

Nick Thayer - Were You Expecting Someone Else? - CDR
I've been using this as an intro for a while now. I love James Bond.

Nick Thayer & Will Styles - Lightening Jam - Bombstrikes Dub
The old Sport tune, though everyone seems to know the horns from that Liam Howlett Dirtchamber mix. The vocal, believe it or not, is from a tune from Flash's album last year.

Nick Thayer & Will Styles - Enemy Banger - Bombstrikes Dub
Another jam I'd been meaning to tinker with for a while.

Nick Thayer - Grey Sky Blue feat Nfa - Passenger Dub
This took so many vocal sessions. There are absolutely no samples in there. I made a faux soul track so I could sample it myself. Picky or what.

Cuban Brothers - Lights Out (Nick Thayer Rmx) - CDR
Love the Cuban Brothers. Don't think this version will ever get a release as they are re-doing the vocal on it. Hrrrm.

John Ohms - King Of The Boots - CDR
King of The Beats with a little more oomph. John Ohms cooks up some good shit.

Sway - Mercedes Benz (Nick Thayer Club Dub) - CDR
I was so stoked when they asked me to remix Sway. And then they gave me the parts which was essentially the acapella, The 900 Number, and some airhorns and I was like a kid in a candy store. Personally I think this is one of the best things I've ever done.

Deekline - The Mexican - CDR
Ties in nicely with the old skool theme goin on (Mantronix / 900 Number / Babe Ruth), and I think Deekline did a good job on this one.

Nick Thayer - The Pressure Point feat Sporty O (Acapella) - Passenger
To answer the question, I say T-ay-er but I don't really care how anyone else pronounces it. Least of all my boy Sporty.

Nick Thayer - Ca$h Money - Passenger Dub
You should see the rad visuals we got for this as part of the Nick Thayer / sevenmilligram DJ/AV show. Out on Passenger before the end of the year.

Riton & Primary 1 - Who's There? (AC Slater, Nick Thayer, Mat Cant Rmx) - CDR
I met up with AC at the Shambhala festival in Canada, then the next weekend he was down in Melbourne. I dragged him into the studio and we made this in an afternoon. Then Mat took him to see kangaroos.

Nick Thayer - Get Dum - Passenger Dub
Part of the Ca$h Money EP. Gettin stone cold dum.

Crookers - Put Your Hands On Me (Black Noise VIP Dub) - CDR
Black Noise are just dominating shit at the moment, and this is no exception. To me this typifies the bashment sound I been harping on about.

Two Fresh - Pump That Shit (Nick Thayer Rmx) - Klub Kids
Two Fresh is Kid Kenobi's new thing he does with his brother. They basically take early rave ethics and update them. Stoked to get to do this remix.

Gigi Barocco - The Rhythm - Cheaper Thrills
I used the iPhone ap Shazam to identify this when I heard it out one night. AMAZING tune.

Stanton Warriors - Shake It Up (Acapella) - Punks
Shake it like it's for the camera! Haha.

Kazey & Bulldog - For Da Real G's (French Fries Rmx) - CDR
Why hasn't anyone used those Cape Fear / Sideshow Bob horns before?! They sound rude on a club system! Not sure if this remix is official or not.

Basement Jaxx - Jump & Shout (Acapella) - XL
Don't ask me where I got this.

Tim Healey & Audio Ducker - The Flow (Heavyfeet Rmx) - Menu
Heavyfeet are so on top of their game right now. Couldn't not represent them up on here.

Dillinja - Twist Em Out (Proper Villains vs Nick Thayer Rmx) - CDR
I love that the hoover type sounds (as heard on here / early Ram stuff) are making a massive comeback in the DnB scene.

The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Sub Focus Rmx) - TMTTH
Sub Focus can do no wrong. You heard the remix he just did of Ghosts for Deadmau5??! DAYM!

Qemists vs Jay Z - Dust Ya Weekends Off (Nick Thayer Mash) - CDR
This is a little mash I did a little while ago. You gotta love Jigga, and I think the juxtaposition works well.

MGMT - Time To Pretend (High Contrast Rmx) - CDR
High Contrast seems to own the whole 'take big radio song and make it drum and bass' scene, and why not. This is epic.

Download It Here (Mediafire)