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A compilation of Exploited tracks & remixes

Shir Khan presents his labels second compilation 'Exploited' (following the critically acclaimed ‘Maximize!‘) which showcases the labels finest moments as well as previously unreleased exclusive cuts. This double CD includes features and remixes by Bonde do Role, Siriusmo, Milanese, SIS, Riva Starr, Modeselektor, Oliver$, Soho, Analogik, Adam Sky, New Kidz (South Rakkas Crew), Jan Driver, Mowgli aka Minimow, Malente&Dex, Tomboy&Fredski, Crookers, Ku Bo as well as guest appearances from labels like Made to Play, Man Recordings, Tartelet, Deadfish, Wagon Repair, and Perlon who represent Zombie Disco Squad, Solo, Cobblestone Jazz, Matt John, The Glimmers, Le Le and Zomby.
The cream of the Exploited‘s back catalogue has been put together on a double CD. The compilation includes a CD of unmixed Exploited tracks (featuring 50% new and exclusive stuff) and a mixed CD by Shir Khan, which includes exclusive Exploited material but also features a few tracks from other labels that has had an influence on the sound of Exploited in general - and Shir Khan in particular.
In the current scene of electro-house, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Shir Khan is absolutely savage, slick, eclectic, multi genred, music savy and connected. Shir Khan's first compilation 'Maximize!‘ was a destructive mix of blazing modern anthems and fresh innovative talent, featuring big names alongside rising stars. With his own radioshow on Fritz, record label, remixes, Berlin Battery club night, and fantastic media coverage thus far, from the likes of Mixmag, I-DJ, Groove and XLR8R; Shir Khan's new 'Exploited' CD promises to strip the wallpaper from the walls of your homestereo.
Exploited has received loyal support from the off (with spins by A-Trak, 2Many Djs, Diplo, Jesse Rose, Switch, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Freeform Five, Peaches, Aeroplane, Munk, Radioclit, Tiefschwarz, Dj T and Dj Hell to name a few...). The artist roster boasts Siriusmo, Adam Sky, Mowgli aka Minimow, Malente&Dex and Lorenz Rhode.

Exploited in general

This is a la-la-land of quality dance-floor tunes; a psychedelic paradise of booty-funk, krunked-up hip hop, dancehall&baile funk, freaky electro-house with African percussions, foreign languages, voodooesque Kuduro, gypsy and Bollywood-themes mixed with jacking music.
Exploited blend quality dance music with quality packaging and trendsetting design aesthetics. And the labels second compilation Exploited is proof of this. There's no doubt it's a little gem in either format, simply because it touches on so many genres; from Italo and disco to electro, minimal, techno, house, downtempo and glitchy bidness. Keep an eye on Exploited, as it moves electro out of its infancy and brings the fun back. It's a much needed breath of fresh air and melody in a dance music scene numbed by banging electro, polite house and discordant minimal tech.

Exploited Artwork

The Exploited Records artwork was nominated for Best Art Vinyl 2008. While Maximize! was designed by Berlin underground street legend Nomad (who has recently been commissioned by Demi Moore for an exclusive piece of work), all the other labels artwork - including the new Exploited compilation - have been designed by Marek Polewski from Floor 5 who has won several awards for his work. The covers of all the vinyl releases are pop hybrids by utilising famous pop cover art the Exploited releases then get painted over with the Exploited mark. The Exploited CD features the scandalous painting by french artist Gustave Courbet from 1866 which was being photographed through a kaleidoscope. This oil painting of a vagina was entitled The Origin of the World.

"Musical hybrids are truly the flavour of today, but few have managed to capture the atmosphere of an unpredictable, mashed up DJ set on CD - until now. Shir Khan's mix bottles the zeitgeist's giddy thrills with plenty of style and substance." (DJ-Mag)

"With tracks by Adam Sky, Siriusmo and a whole host of other genius artists, into the Exploited melting pot go snake charmers and African tribesmen along with a strong dose of all things electro. Deliciously disjointed, this album proceeds to confuse and amaze, seamlessly cycling though jazz saxophones and bangra, never stopping the addictive beats and basslines. Get ready to feel used to enjoy exploitation." (Clash)

"EXPLOITED is constantly mutating, reverberating with a thousand ideas per minute. You will hear: dense, fast-flowing electro-tinged hiphop, distorted, overdriven P-Funk-esque basslines, spaced-out spangly synths, what sounds like a ravey 'Air on a G String' and a funked-up take on Soho's late 80s pop hit 'Hippychick'. Not to mention lascivious sluttery meets Thai wailing, minimal, old-skool ravey techno, Mr Skruff-style trouser jazz, gruff ragga chat, wobbly monster basslines, tabla-and-flute excursions. Wildly eclectic and joyously funky, it will reassure you that, thank God, not everything's gone Pete Tong." (Bearded Magazine)




Disc: 01

01. Case of Death - Shir Khan, John Oswald
02. Sandman
03. Wow [Modeselektor Edit] - Siriusmo
04. Little Something - Lorenz Rhode
05. Kinky and the Grain - Lorenz Rhode
06. Testliebe - Siriusmo (Mediafire)
07. Boing Bum Shorty - Shir Khan
08. Meat for Speed - Jan Driver
09. Hippychick 08 - Adam Sky
10. Like a Player - Lorenz Rhode
11. Breakfast [Mercury RMX] [Remix] - Le Le
12. Imperious Urge [Tomski*fredboy RMX] [Remix] - Adam Sky, Danny Williams
13. Out of Control Rechunk - Shir Khan
14. Hyperactive [Nhan & Taan RMX] [Remix]
15. We Are All Prostitutes /Allthegirls /Miss Pacman [Oliver $ RMX/Shir Kha - RQM, Siriusmo, Adam Sky,
16. Miss Pacman [Oliver $ RMX] [Remix] - RQM
17. Afreaka
18. Vie!
19. Bocas del Toros [René Van Munster RMX] [Remix]
20. ** [Fredski & Tomas Barfod Rework] [Remix]
21. Bollyhouse [Sis RMX] [Remix] - Minimow
22. Keep Groovin' - Minimow
23. Hyperactive [Riva Starr RMX] [Remix]
24. Bangkok
25. Bollyhouse - Minimow
26. Balança - DJ Chernobyl,
27. Larynx [Glimmer's Without a Pause Mix]/Lions [Remix] - New Kidz, Adam Sky
28. Unknown Princess [Shir Khan Edit] - Matt John
29. Dump Truck - Cobblestone Jazz
30. Tsubo - Ku Bo
31. Strange Fruit - Zomby
32. Atomic Fusion - Siriusmo

Disc: 02

01. Little Something - Lorenz Rhode
02. Femusle - Siriusmo
03. Testliebe - Siriusmo (Mediafire)
04. Meat for Speed - Jan Driver
05. Hippychick 08 - Adam Sky
06. Like a Player - Lorenz Rhode
07. Breakfast [Mercury RMX] [Remix] - Le Le
08. ** [Fredski & Tomas Barfod RMX] [Remix]
09. Gipsy Kings
10. Bollyhouse [Sis RMX] - Minimow
11. Imperious Urge [Ku Bo RMX] [Remix] - Adam Sky, Danny Williams
12. Balança - DJ Chernobyl,
13. Bangkok
14. Bollyhouse - Minimow
15. Miss Pacman [Oliver $ Dub] [Remix] - RQM
16. Wow [Modeselektor Edit] - Siriusmo
17. Sandman
18. Antidote - Lorenz Rhode


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