Bovinyl Moosick/Prime Audio

Another producer/dj that plays behind a mask! A rubber one in this case... Stenchman produce proper dubstep to the dancefloors... Tracks with strange names like Erectile Dysfunction or Brownshit Spunk (it was the originally name of his Township Funk Bootleg).

"Do you think there’s enough humour in dubstep? It’s sometimes characterised as quite blokey and serious but it doesn’t seem like everything you do has a real sense of humour to balance the darkness."

"There’s too much if you ask me. All these young people should be at home in bed by the time that I start playing my recordings at them. I try and play them as loud as I can to scare them off but they just keep standing there wiggling about and the suchlike and pulling such funny faces! They must be really full of beans these whipper-snappers. My sense of humour was actually stolen by a gypsy lady who had learnt the amazingly coincidental combination of the arts of breast hypnosis and nipple boxing. Needless to say I awoke with a sharp aching in my soul, a large and very hard to explain bruise and a distrust of anything that jangles when it gyrates its hips (much to the displeasure of my cat)."


Stenchman - Township Spunk (Mediafire)
Stenchman - Gutfucker (V.2) (Mediafire)


The Stink Mix 3 (Salirophilia)


01. Stenchman - Stenchintro
02. Stenchman - Gutfucker (Vip)
03. Lil Wayne - A Milli (Stenchman Rmx)
04. Cardopusher - Gibold
05. Skream - Aggyface
06. Stenchman - Licking The Envelope
07. Benny Page - Step Out (Vip)
08. Eskmo - Harmony
09. Outkast - Bombs Over Bagdad (Stenchman Rmx)
10. Marchmellow - Real Simple
11. Justice Timberlake - Where's My Starship?
12. Stenchman - Cow Story
13. Emalkay - When I Look At You
14. Bar 9 - Malicious Tactics (Vip)
15. Suspect + Switchdubs - Rotary
16. Flux Pavillion - Bad Dj
17. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Rmx)
18. Skream - Metalick
19. Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Rmx)
20. Stenchman - Vagitarian Meal
21. Unitz - The Drop (Vip)
22. Burial - Archangel (Bootyleg)
23. Mrk1 - Talk To Frank
24. Stenchman - Coceck
25. M.I.A. - Galang (Dz Rmx)
26. Stenchman - So Beatnik
27. Benny Page + Zero G - Ruffneck
28. Stenchman - Sick Bay
29. Reso - Beasts In The Bassment
30. Riz Mc - Radar (Sukh Knight Rmx)
31. Nas - Made You Look (Stenchy Rmx)
32. J@kes - Justice
33. Stenchman - Distress Signal (Vip)
34. Mark Omen ft. Lupen Crook - Eyes Wide Shut
35. Stenchman - Everything

End Of Mix

Download It Here (Mediafire)