Nightshifters come back with a storming new Ep by Chicago’s own Rampage! Part of the Ghetto Division crew along side Rob Threezy, Charlie Glitch and MaddJazz, Rampage is out for blood with this second ep: War. Whether he’s taking on dubstep, putting a Bmore update on house, or making a stop at the rave, he’s always bringing new sounds to the party!

The Ep starts with the hybrid title track “War”, a rollercoaster of a tune swerving between rave and moody dubstep but over a skeleton of urban claps and kicks. “Loving You Is Easy” builds on the emerging house-Bmore style Rampage and his crew are known for, while “GTFO” is a stomper with thunderous synths and sampled shouts. “Southside Anthem” brings it all back to the neighbourhood with Bmore trumpets and enough bass to shake the L Train.

We got some bad ass remixes too. The Italian duo Blatta & Inesha turn “War” into a galloping kuduro-fuelled, rave-siren wailing beast of a track. While Manchester’s HeavyFeet drop 2 remixes - They add a bit more P.L.U.R to “Loving you…” and then push “War” over the brink with a full-on Drum and Bass remix! Whoa! Didn’t see that coming, eh?

Buy it here

Rampage - War EP

01. War (Original Mix)
02. GTFO (Original Mix)
03. Loving U Is Easy (Original Mix)
04. Southside Anthem (Original Mix)
05. War (Blatta & Inesha Go To Luanda Remix) (Mediafire)
06. Loving U Is Easy (HeavyFeet Mix)
07. War (HeavyFeet Remix)


Meanwhile Blatta & Inesha announced that they gonna do a North-American tour this August... More news soon...


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