Acidkids/Television Rocks

Acidkids are Daniel Dexter, Topper, Harley and X van Haag. They played their first gig but didn‘t really know each other. At this evening after a few drinks they talked and recognized that they like the same kind of house with a little piece of b-more, jackin techno, hooligan disco, funk and classics that they played this evening. The crowd went so crazy about their first appearance that they decided to conquer the world.

Artist: Acidkids
Title: Mad Mahoney
Label: Acidkids
Cat: ACDKDS 001

01. Mad Mahoney
02. Mad Mahoney (Motor Remix)
03. Mad Mahoney (Zongamin Remix)
04. Mad Mahoney (HiJack Remix)
05. Mad Mahoney (Trevor Loveys Remix) (Mediafire)
06. Mad Mahoney (Nhan&Taan Remix)
07. Callahan

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Plus... We have some other free tracks

Acidkids - We Were Wild (Mediafire)
Acidkids - Combat Rock (Mediafire)
Hermanos Inglesos - Komodo (Acidkids Remix) (Mediafire)
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