Mantra/Hell Yeah!

Sexta, 29 de Maio
Armazém do Chá, Porto (with Sérgio Gomes & Twin Turbo)

Sábado, 30 de Maio
Mini-Mercado, Lisboa (with Sérgio Gomes & Dj Manaia)


Blatta & Inesha are among the hottest name of the Italian new dance scene: that thing for which journalists and a bunch of odd people say about 'F*%$! This is the real sound of underground!' in other words things that doesn't mean anything but sound great. Actually they are just two good kids who love feeling the groove which plays in your belly. They love acid and strong sounds without forgetting about the boogaloo which shakes inside their head. They have several mix in their discography: the last one added in January 2008 is titled I was a punk before you were a punk (Mantra Vibes). Just one year form now their compilation Mad in Sicily (Mantra Vibes) had been released. They play house, dirty and suspicious, between straight and distorted stuff and they do any reasonable thing that an healthy mind teenagers can do: pump up the volume and don't let the parents come in. It means a lot of distorted melodies and sometimes ill in the middle of tuneless guitars, techno glow , rasps and Sicilian Folk. They have knowledge of the World, having played at Womb in Tokyo as Fabric in London keeping absolutely their headquarters in Catania. One of them has been several times DMC Italian Champion and once he even got to the World DMC Final in New York. But this is history when he was teenager and he thought that hip hop would have saved the World. The other one feels shame to have been a guitar player. Basically it's been quite a few years he's been absorbed by sequencers and different machines. He has never believed that Hip Hop would have saved the World. In 2007 on Hell Yeah! they released Do It at the Peepshow, with German Wiesel, and The Bell, under the Magmatic alias , along with Daniele Tignino and Ottavio Leo. For the english Fat!Records they remixed Merka (Something Like this B&I rmx) and Unique 3 (I'm The - B&I Nervous Breakdown rmx). They are resident of two nights, both in Catania: Bass Boutique at Zo and Mad In Sicily at Mercati Generali, two of the best and respected clubs in Italy. At the end of december their mix was selected by the best of the year on Annie Nightingale Show on BBC Radio 1, national and number one radio in the UK

Some Releases

Afraid / Funk Siciliano, Mantra Breaks, 2006
Botafogo / Italian Stallions Go To Rio, Mantra Breaks, 2006
Enter The Dragon / Catania Is Burning, Mantra Breaks, 2006
Do It At The Peepshow , Hell Yeah Recordings, 2007
Blow Up , Mantra Vibes, 2008
Flesh Dance, Ruff Dog Recordings, 2008
I Was A Punk (Before You Were A Punk) / More Bass On Her Face, Mantra Breaks, 2008
Stoned Walking / Dope Music, Mantra Breaks, 2008
The Jazz Cruise EP, Mantra Vibes, 2008
Gang Bangers / Punching, Hell Yeah Recordings, 2009
Revolution, Hell Yeah Recordings, 2009
Where Is It?, Jack Knife Records, 2009


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