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Finger Lickin'

Sábado, 01 de Março
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What is the Soul Of Man?

At last the wait is over! With a little help form their friends, Justin and Jem have put together Soul of Man: Re-licked - a stunning double CD of Soul of Man classics plus with some ever-so-tasty remixes - in the store now!

The first part of the package, The Drum (Groove Diggerz Remix) / Acid Punch (Brothers Bud Remix), has been mailed out to the taste makers and the reactions have been absolutely incredible from right across the globe, including a mighty thumbs up from the likes of Stantons, Uberzone, Aquasky, Drumattic Twins, Plumps, Loose Cannons, Hyper, Jay Cunning, Bassbin Twins and oh so many more...

Hot on the tails is Part 2 with some even tastier re-licks from the Italian mafia: Dirty Waltzer gets a proper going over by TroubleSoup!! and future star Mowgli does serious damage on Scatterbox (imagine Flat Eric being throttled, bashed into strips of linguini and rattled in its cage like a rag doll and you’ve got somewhere close to this aural masterpiece).

The third vinyl part sees A-Skillz, Merka, Def Inc, Kraak & Smaak and Nick Thayer all providing stupendous versions of some seriously classic tracks on the double-vinyl pack.

What's more Justin and Jem have mixed the lot together on a superb double CD, with disc one being an exquisite blend of the brand-new mixes, and the bonus disc two featuring the original versions: a joyous trip down memory lane and a timely reminder of the true classics that put the boys well and truly on the map.

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Check out the video for Mowgli's Scatterbox remix here...

Soul of Man Singles

Soul of Man feat. Bobby Dupea - Hotdoggin' (Blow Pop)
Soul of Man - Dirty Waltzer (Santos & Madox Remixes) - (Mantra Breaks)
DJ Rushmore - Sukdat (Spirits of Inspiration)
Rushmore & Panufnik Wickedest - Sound/Organ Grinder (Spirits of Inspiration)
Rushmore & Panufnik - Get Up! (Move Yer Butt!) (Spirits of Inspiration)
Rhythm Alliance feat. Colette - Makes Me Wanna Dance (Spirits of Inspiration)
Soul of Man - Love & Hate (Finger Lickin')
Osmosis - Jungle Freak (Finger Lickin')
2 Inda Bush - Nutty Drumstick (Finger Lickin')
Soul of Man - Between The Eyes (Finger Lickin')
Soul of Man - Serendipity E.P (Finger Lickin')
Soul of Man - Killabrew (Finger Lickin')
Soul of Man - Dirty Waltzer / Get it Girls (Finger Lickin')
Soul of Man - The Drum / Acid Punch (Finger Lickin')
Soul of Man - Back2Back E.P.(Kickback / Outback) - (Finger Lickin')
Soul Of Man - Shake 'Em Down (Finger Lickin')
Soul Of Man - Mylowdowndirty / Foxy Moron (Finger Lickin')
Soul Of Man - Sukdat (Finger Lickin')
Soul Of Man - Re-Licked Part 1 (Finger Lickin')
Soul Of Man - Re-Licked Part 2 (Finger Lickin')
Soul Of Man - Trouble! (Finger Lickin')


Soul Of Man - Re-Licked (Finger Lickin')

Soul of Man Remixes

Fluke - Absurd (Virgin)
James Taylor Quartet – Starsky & Hutch (60º North)
Fuzz Townshend - Get Yerself (Echo)
Double 6 – Feel Real Good (Multiply)
Kilo – Adventures of Bushwacka (FC Kahuna)
Moog – What is a party? (Dust II Dust)
Beautiful People feat. Jimi Hendrix – Rilly Groovy (60º North)
Skeewiff - The G Fonk (FSUK)
Columbo - Rockabilly Bob (V2)
Double 6 - Out of My Head (Multiply)
Stoppa - Sensimillia (Lacerba)
Freaky Jalepeno - Gotta Get It (Finger Lickin')
Infernal - Voodoo Cowboy (EMI)
E.T.A. - Ayia Napa (Flex EMI)
Mr Lee - Get Busy (Jive)
Jacknife Lee - Aloha Satellite (Palm Pictures)
Dreadzone - Crazy Knowledge (Finger Lickin')
Pucker Up! - Pucker Up! (Go Beat!)
Lhooq - I Want to Know (Echo)
Dub Pistols - The Problem is feat Terry Hall (Distict'ive Breaks)
Doug Lazy - Let It Roll (Jalapeno)
Drive Red 5 - This Is My Party (VA Recordings)
Plump DJs - Creepshow (Finger Lickin')
Kraak & Smaak - Keep Me Home (Jalapeno Records)

DJ Mix Albums

21st Century Breaks - React
It's a Finger Lickin' Thang Volume 1 - Finger Lickin
It's a Finger Lickin' Thang Volume 2 - Finger Lickin
It's Finger Lickin' - Finger Lickin
It's A Finger Lickin' Thang 3 - Finger Lickin'
Y4K presents Soul Of Man - Distinct'ive Breaks
Finger Lickin' presents We Love It (Finger Lickin')
It's a Finger Lickin' Thang 4 (Finger Lickin')


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