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The basis for Walter Ercolino's career was established early in his life. He took piano lessons and began to check out electronic music when he was a teenager. Later he discontinued studying music to focus better on his true passion and started working as a self-educated producer and composer. It turned out to be the right decision because Ercolino has worked on numerous projects and has had a lot of success so far.

But his hits never satisfied him musically, and they didn't fit into his personal scheme. So, he decided to take another path. In 2006, Walter Ercolino founded the Meerestief record label to serve as a platform for the different aspects of the electronic lifestyle and to fulfil his vision of creating music independently, without taking in too much influence from the outside. Simultaneously he worked on his DJ performance and made his mark as an act.

Walter Ercolino's style is hard to place in any category of modern electronic music. Significant parts of his music are minimalistic elements, a constant and hypnotizing groove neatly wrapped in a certain deepness, and a feeling for the moods of his audience.

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The charismatic and keen-eared DJane has a feeling for the right moment and extremely enjoys merging different variations of electronic music to a sensational club night.Her talent and passion for music has already allowed her to spin the turntables in clubs all over Germany and Europe, to prove continuously that there is more to being a DJ than playing one song after the other.
Daniela loves to communicate with her audience to lead it through a night full of musical surprises.

Her gained experience and energy trigger productions and projects that she creates together with her studio partner Walter Ercolino on their own record label Meerestief.

Another focus in Daniela's job is on event managing and her weekly meerestief radioshow.

Her professionalism has allowed her to work with a number of artists. At Meerestief events big noises (HELL, Villalobos, Hawtin, etc) as well as promising newcomers in the electronic music scene rock the turntables.

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