Slyde - Sex 'N' Drugs

New 12'' & Video

First up, let us introduce ‘Reg’; a filthy, dirty, urchin of a puppet that has only three things on his mind – SEX, DRUGS and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Sound familiar? He is of course the ultra-punk, furry-drunk, coke-sniffing hunk who stars in the brilliantly funny and seriously X rated video for Slyde’s next knock out single, produced by none other than in house designer Mr. Jem Panufnik. Everyone who has seen it so far has been bowled over with it and now it’s your turn to take a peak. The single is already picking up massive support from Zane Lowe, Eddie Temple Morris, Jay Cunning, John Kennedy and more... It's not out til the 2nd of October...

Slyde will play:
Património (Guimarães .pt)
Saturday 2007.Oct.06

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