TORPEDO BOYZ | 20 de Jan.2007

Lounge Records

Sábado, 20 de Janeiro
Bazaar, Porto



Os Torpedo Boyz são uma dupla de produtores/djs formada pelo japonês Kentastic e o francês Rollin Hand. A sonoridade do projecto situa-se entre o funky breaks e o house com linhas de baixo cheias de groove.
O primeiro álbum “Headache Music” editado pela Lounge Records continha os singles “Are You Talking To Me???” e “Gimme a Bassline” que foram enormes sucessos em todas as pistas de dança esclarecidas. Posteriormente estes temas foram remisturados por artistas como Skeewiff, Killergroove Formula e pelos americanos Fort Knox Five que sem adulterar o conteúdo trouxeram uma longevidade e exposição ainda maior ao colectivo…
Pela primeira vez em Portugal o japonês Kentastic vem apresentar o mais recente single “Japaneeze Boyz” que é a primeira mostra do novo álbum a ser editado em Maio de 2007. Misturando todas as suas influências com uma técnica notável é de esperar mais uma noite com um groove contagiante...


The TORPEDO BOYZ ask: “Are You Talking To Me???” Kentastic and Rollin Hand, DJs and producers from Berlin/Tokyo and Paris want to have a straight answer.
Stop wasting your time with meaningless club music and try to remember what music is all about.The TORPEDO BOYZ stand for fat beats, funky breaks and groovy basslines.

While other producers can’t do without samples it seems almost unbelievable that the TORPEDO BOYZ are actually playing all of their instruments. Yes, it’s all hand-made, folks!

TORPEDO BOYZ’ first 12” “Gimme A Bassline!” an infectious, dirty & phat mother of a groove, scored a no. 5 position in the German Club Charts (DCC) while hitting top DJ playlist around the globe in 2004. The same year Kentastic played his first US gigs with Ursula 1000 and “Are You Talking To Me???” followed into the DCC Top 20.

Bobby Hebb, known as composer and lyricist of the mega hit „Sunny“ lend his almost 70-year-old voice to the Boyz for the album track „Trust, Integrity & Pure Love“ while Fort Knox Five, top cool & en vogue producers from Washington DC remixed “Are You Talking To Me ???” to an incredible dancefloor action effect.

The list of guest musicians with ODD (Japan), Returner (Cuba), Serge Kool (France), Gil de Gil (Brasil) - just to name a few - can’t be more colorful and reflect the boundary-breaking versatility of the TORPEDO BOYZ.

With their funky as hell remix for The Killergroove Formula’s underground breaks stomper “Keep On Burnin’” the TORPEDO BOYZ have proven that they could also handle other peoples material with no problems at all.
Their album track “Any Trash Professor Abacus?” has been featured on a “Cheerios – Smiles All Around”-cereal tv ad in the UK, Australia and Finland. Not to mention sports fashion maker PUMA putting “Gimme A Bassline!” underneath their new MTV summer fashion trailer.

In Italy “Are You Talking To Me???” is currently being featured on a tv ad for “English24” and the popular Italian tv show “Le Iene” features even a couple of TORPEDO BOYZ tracks!

The word even reached Australia where “Are You Talking…” is rotating on various stations including Triple J.
The last TORPEDO BOYZ single “Start Being Nicer” was still rotating in European radio stations when Skeewiff (UK) put their hands on their version of „Are You Talking To Me???“ spreading the Torpedo fever further around the globe.

Live tours with the TORPEDO BOYZ live band followed in October and November taking the boyz as far as East Russia!

Kentastic and Rollin Hand are now working on the second album which is due for May 2007. “Japaneeze Boyz” the first track from the album will be released on 12” in January. It will feature first class remixes by Smoove (UK) and Cubismo Grafico (Japan)!


Are You Talking To Me??? Part 2

A1. Are You Talking To Me??? (Skeewiff Remix)
A2. Are You Talking To Me??? (album version instrumental)
B1. Are You Talking To Me??? (Skeewiff Dub)
B2. Are You Talking To Me??? (a cappella)

Start Being Nicer

A1. Start Being Nicer (Killergroove Formula N-I-C-E-R Remix)
A2. Start Being Nicer (album version)
B1. Start Being Nicer (Tomorrow-Mix by Pet)
B2. Bokura Wa Shonen Tantei-Dan (album version)

Headache Music

1. A/C Guy feat. Returner
2. Gimme A Bassline! feat. Jason Murtagh
3. Spiders In My Brain feat. Space Kelly
4. Are You Talking To Me ??? feat. Returner
5. Au Jour Et A L’Heure feat. Serge Kool
6. Trust, Integrity & Pure Love feat. Bobby Hebb
7. Bokura wa Shonen Tantei-Dan feat. ODD
8. Oni Bolnye Na Golovu feat. AK47
9. Any Trash Professor Abacus ? feat. Prof. Abacus
10. Start Being Nicer feat. Returner
11. Jamais Imaginei feat. Gil de Gil
12. Loontse Mihalie feat. The Loonie Boys

Are You Talking To Me???

A1. Are You Talking To Me??? (Fort Knox Five Mix)
B1. Are You Talking To Me??? (Full Vocal Single Edit)
B2. Are You Talking To Me??? (ODD Remix)

Gimme A Bassline!

A1. Gimme A Bassline! (Original)
A2. Gimme A Bassline! (Instrumental)
B1. Gimme A Bassline! (Torpedo Remix)
B2. Gimme A Bassline! (Acapella & DJ Tools)

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