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Dissipate are an underground collective representing from Lisbon, Portugal. Blurring the boundaries between house and bass with a cutting edge selection of artists and releases, the label is set to shake things up. Created by musical comrades Klipar, Bizt and Nunchaku, Dissipate are on course to wake up some ears and minds who have been sleeping for too long. Dissipate label strives to bring a hybrid mixed genres and highly focused on the dancefloor.


Bizt draws influence from breakbeat, UK funky and afrobeat, which he infuses with plenty of bass. He specialises in eardrum-rattling beats, and has played alongside names like Girl Unit, Buraka Som Sistema, Branko, T.Williams, Melé, Bok Bok, Zombies For Money, and Mensah aka New York Transit Authority. He takes things to the next level on You Bitch and New Day.

A sneaky, half-time intro opens You Bitch, with some punchy snares being paired with funky bass stabs and some hints of swing, before the pace gathers into the drop. Minimal yet groovy, Bizt manages to draw plenty out of the sparse arrangement, to create a club bubbler which will see plenty of late-night action. He introduces some layered kicks later on, as the track expands out, taking in elements of house, techno and carnival funk. Plenty for fans of progressive bass to get their teeth into.

New Day is a cool, smooth slab of retro/future bass, with elements of the old skool sound meeting perfectly with the new. Bizt manages to take what has come before and influenced him, and add his own twist on things, to make a unique, exciting sound.

Again pared down, but with enough added in to make it flow, New Day rocks with a headnodding beat, massive bassline and a whole palette of electronic ticks, clicks and effects, all of which add up to a top drawer bass music track.


Artist: Bizt
Title: You Bitch / New Day
Label: Dissipate
Cat: DISS002

01. You Bitch 04:43
02. New Day 04:17

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