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501 returns with his latest EP, Beat The System, via Never Say Die on 7 October 2013. To celebrate the upcoming release 501 has put together an insane mix that you can find here.

Says 501, “The EP, as everything I've ever written, revolves loosely around the theme of escaping. My mind seems to be wired in a way that I'm always dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and looking for ways to escape whatever situation life throws at me. To this end, music is my escape plan and I've always found soundtracks from 80’s movies to be excellent examples of music that encapsulate this. The subtle melancholy mixed with dramatic synth orchestrations just gets me every time. On the EP, tracks like ‘And It Begins’ and ‘Inside the Machine’ were written with just that in mind. ‘Beat The System’ on the other hand, is a simple statement against devoting your life to a meaningless job in a meaningless cubicle. Lastly, ‘Vulture’ is my first foray in to the nutty land of electro. The EP also puts an end to the longest lasting writers block I've experienced and I'm really glad I was able break into new grounds and include both a breaks and an electro workout in the package!”.

Check out four of the five tracks below.


Artist: 501
Title: Beat The System EP
Label: Never Say Die Records
Cat: NSDX046

01. And It Begins 03:45
02. Vulture 02:40
03. Beat The System 02:48
04. Inside The Machine 02:42
05. Vulture (Protohype Remix) 05:02

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