This has been a very busy year for Voxels, a Portuguese production duo who keeps bringing warm and summery house vibes to the forefront of today’s electronic music scene. After releasing a few EPs and remixing the likes of Buraka Som Sistema, Pedro Chamorra and Pedro Pinto have finally delivered the follow-up to their acclaimed Enchufada debut – the smooth and sexy ‘Nasty’ EP, released last March – by creating a two-track 120 bpm affair which oozes tropical warmth and bittersweet house nostalgia, making it the perfect soundtrack to remember all the fun you had this Summer. Welcome back team Voxels and get ready for the ‘Every Girl EP‘.

The latest Enchufada release starts with the title track Every Girl, which further confirms the duo’s love affair with 90′s house and pop-tinged melodies, by flexing an instantly memorable synth stab and a hypnotic vocal sample that you won’t be able to get out of your mind. We’re pretty sure you are all familiar with that feeling you get as you’re driving home after some well-deserved summer holidays in the sun and sand, and you reminisce about all the parties you went too and that special summer fling as the road takes you closer to real life. Well, Voxels are no strangers to this feeling as this track seems to capture the essence of a summer well spent.

Still true to the nostalgic vibes comes the second and last track Mayday, which is all about the big synth swells and weird glitchy noises, taking us on an intense ride without ever compromising the soulful analogue warmth that’s steadily becoming the Voxels trademark. Being a more energetic and intense take on that nostalgic end-of-summer blues, the second track’s skittering beat cuts through a pulsing bass line, police sirens and house vocals, forcing ravers to sweat it out on the most discerning dance floors.


Artist: Voxels
Title: Every Girl EP
Label: Enchufada
Cat: ENDG037

01. Voxels - Every Girl 4.36
02. Voxels - Mayday 5.27
03. Voxels - Last Wrong 5.05 (Direct Link/Soundcloud)

Buy It Here (Beatport) or Here (Junodownload)


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