Legendary Bournemouth-based trio Aquasky return with their 8th studio album ‘Raise The Devil’ featuring 16 bass-heavy party tracks which include guest vocals and collaborations from Lee Mortimer, Engine Earz Experiment, Daddy Freddy, Ragga Twins, Tenor Fly, Mr. Thing, PYRAMID, Acafool, Deja, Roisin Brophy, Didjelirium and Bex Riley. This album sees the trio take it back to basics and return to what people expect when they hear the name Aquasky!

Having been solid friends since the heady days of rave and acid house, the guys first hit the studio together during the jungle era and in 1995 Aquasky was born, signing immediately to Moving Shadow before going onto release on some of the biggest and best labels including Polydor, Botchit & Scarper, Reinforced, Good Looking Records, Hospital, Southern Fried and Mr. Bongo. In 2001 they took the decision to launch their own imprint Passenger as a place where they had free reign to unleash their full creativity and develop both their sound and the sounds of other acts.

‘Raise The Devil’ sees the guys return to what they know best … delivering bonafide dancefloor bangers. There are elements of Breakbeat, Rave, D&B, Dubstep, Nu-Jungle, Warehouse, Drumstep and Reggae. The focus and album title refers to getting people to find their inner devil trapped within themselves and releasing it. Harnessing that sourced energy productively and creatively whether that is in the club, the studio, at home or on the streets, demanding for change! This isn’t a political record, it isn’t even a record with a purpose driven end goal but it is an album that deals with the positive and unleashes heaps of good vibes to the listener.

This is an album for those who loved Aquasky’s previous albums ‘Beat The System’ & ‘Stayfresh’.


Artist: Aquasky
Title: Raise The Devil
Label: Passenger

01. Taken Over Me
02. Raise The Devil
03. Girls Girls Girls (ft. Lee Mortimer & Daddy Freddy)
04. Superbad (ft. Ragga Twins, Mr Thing, M-Tek & Pedro Slimer)
05. Streets Of Rage (ft. Deja)
06. Small World (ft. Didjelirium)
07. Phantom (ft. Engine Earz Experiment)
08. And The Beat Goes (ft. Pyramid & Roisin Brophy)
09. Press Play (ft. Acafool)
10. Cold Crush (ft. Bex Riley)
11. Stardust (ft. Roisin Brophy)
12. Frontline (ft. Tenor Fly)
13. Humble (ft. Ragga Twins & Tenor Fly)
14. Get Me Out (ft. Bex Riley)
15. Change Is Coming (ft. Deja)
16. Take Me There (ft. Diane Charlemagne - Cutline Mx)

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Some Reactions
RUSKO ‘Wow, their tunes just smashed my backdoor in 5/5’
SHIMON (RAM) ‘I Like This A lot!’
THE FREESTYLERS ‘Wicked, strong release as usual from Aquasky’


Bass Devil Mixtape Halloween 2011


01. Aquasky - Taken Over Me
02. Aquasky ft. Accafool - Press Play (Accapella)
03. Run Riot - ???
04. Aquasky ft. Diane Charlamagne - You Take Me There (Accapella)
05. Aquasky ft. Tenor Fly and The Ragga Twins - Humble
06. Nick Thayer ft. Sureshock - Haters Gonna Hate
07. Aquasky vs. Lee Mortimer ft. Daddy Freddie - Girls Girls Girls
08. Intiman ft. Foreign Beggars - Hit that (Calvertron Rmx)
09. Aquasky ft. Tenor Fly
10. Zomboy - Game Time
11. Dodge & Fuski ft, Katrina - Adrenaline
12. Delta Heavy - Overkill
13. Medics - Play The Game
14. Jazzsteppa ft. Foreign Beggars - Raise The Bar (Stray Rmx)
15. Rico Tubbs - Feel It (Kanji Kinetic Rmx)
16. Aquasky ft. Bex Riley - Cold Crush
17. Tomb Crew - Watch This
18. AudioBotz - Club Stepping
19. Aquasky vs. Pyramid ft. Rosin Brophy - And The Beat Goes
20. Ellis Dee and DJ Twista - Touch me
21. Drop Top & Figure - We Are Warriors (Calvertron Rmx)
22. Aquasky - Raise The Devil
23. Rednek - Game Over
24. Aquasky ft. The Ragga Twins, RTC & Mr Thing - Superbad
25. Kid Digital - Done With That (Breaks Mx)
26. Karton - Tonight
27. Aquasky ft. Rosin Brophy - Stardust

End Of Mix

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