Pedro Chamorra and Pedro Pinto (Twin Turbo/MegaBass) share a passion not only for music but also for pure sound and spend a large part of their lives in the weirdly named Magical Audio Unicorn bunker/studio, exploring and creating their own unique brand of sounds with both old and new technology, like samplers, analog synthesizers and sequencers, digital effects, hi-end studio equalizers and compressors, digital percussion, traditional instruments, avant-garde plugins and deliberately modified software and hardware. And then they sample the crap out of it.
It's not so much that Voxels want to do something insanely original - a very misleading concept these days- but more that they try to make it in their own voices: Loud, banging, intense, emotional and pretty (or ugly). And it sounds good, the kick hit's you like a punch in the chest and the basslines make your whole body shake while you listening to the beautiful vocals or the carefully crafted synth sounds drawing you into a trance that celebrates the essence of dance music.

And not bonding to a single musical style Voxels prefer to roam free in the world of electronic and dance music drawing inspiration on various musical styles and on their vast musical background and record collection ranging in everything from hip-hop to metal, classic house and techno, acid music, electro, progressive rock, ambient, experimental, etc and taking the time to develop their own sound, the Voxels touch, that can be best, but inaccurately, described as Bass-line Acid Techno Pop with a touch of Marimba. Well, at least for now as it is ever changing and ever evolving.

They are not just conceptual computer nerds, don't get it wrong, both have been playing in bands, clubs and making music since they were kids and Voxels can be very much party animals both on stage as on a club delivering amazing dj set's and performances winning an ever growing respect of both their peers and the public.

And with the music they've been creating they're also developing their own audio-visual live act, with true performance and synchronism both at the sound and visual plane, which they will bring to light later this year together with an edition of their music. But Voxels aren't really just two people. They are keen to collaborate both with long time vocalists Keta and Kate as with talented artists that share their path, both in the music world as in the visual and performance arts, and explore the possibilities of unpredictable connections. In fact, if you love their music and have some kind of artistic talent or just want a remix of a cool song of yours, just drop them a line and they could actually do something, as long as they manage to find the time.

Voxels are born, and you should keep an eye and two ears on them cause they're bond to do great things. 
You have been warned.


We have two original tracks to share alongside two remixes. Grab it, share it and have fun with them...

Voxels - The Dancefloor (Soundcloud)
Voxels - The Feeling (Soundcloud)

Chromeo - Hot Mess (Voxels Remix) (Direct Link/Mediafire)
Rudolfo - Das Vampyr Der Ghetto (Voxels Hatestep Remix) (Direct Link/Mediafire)


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