ANANIL | 01, 02 e 03 de Jun.2007


Sábado, 02 de Junho
Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal


Sérgio Gomes, the Breaks lda's main-head, began his career in 1998. first in his city, Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal), and later around Portugal and Europe. Influenced by indie-rock and funk, their sets are now characterized by a mixture of breakbeat with tech-funk, where their beats, re-rubs and mash-ups are in.

Created by Pedro Maia, Stolen Images Inc. aims at asserting itself as an open project that will comprise the most various forms of showing and interpreting an image, and its later interconnection with sound. This project is mainly visuals for performances or Vj'Ing and tries to be more than just an interpretation of movies and images, seeking to include not only the traditional Vj'Ing, but also video installations, video for concerts and performances, and other artistic areas, aiming at creating a visual identity in order to accomplish each projects objectives, according to the needs and the physical spaces where these interventions occur.

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